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Tanmayo LawsonPrem Tanmayo Lawson

Tanmayo Lawson is an international speaker & presenter with over 30 years experience in the field of wellness, self inquiry and transpersonal study.
As the creator/founder of "Facial Harmony" Tanmayo has travelled the planet promoting and sharing this gentle and powerfully transformative treatment.

In 1998 Tanmayo attended Satori in Pune India, fell in love with the process and now facilitates Satori & the 3 day Awareness Intensive around the world.

In 2004 Tanmayo attended the Venus Sequence in the South of England with Richard Rudd and since then has been increasingly involved with Gene Keys and Human Design teaching and sharing this body of work as a part of a series of tools designed to expose you too your original self.

Born & raised in Scotland she spent 30 years living in Australia, with her origins deeply rooted in Celtic Mysticism and a deep love and appreciation of the native and mystery traditions of this planet, Tanmayo embodies and shares her deep love of soul-full living.

In her own words: "I am not selling knowledge, I am offering a container that guides you down a path; that with your own participation and co-creation will take you beyond knowledge and into the quantum field of direct experience and timeless wisdom”

Tanmayo Lawson

"Born on a stormy winters night, in a small town in the north east of Scotland, I grew up with the sound of the ocean rocking me to sleep.
I was graced with Grandparents who taught me the ‘old ways’. I was a child of the sun, the moon and the stars with the earth as my Mother. The old Celtic wisdom was alive in my Grandparents. My Grandmother taught me to ‘see wi’ ma ither een’ ‘To see with my other eyes’ and my Grandfather taught me that the same substance of the stars was in the cells of my body. This was a living earth.
Through their love I was able to keep the magick alive in me and let guidance move my life.
On the journey to awakening, I found myself in India meditating for forty days. Twenty of those days were in Vipassana in Bodh Gaya.
I had been aware for as long as I could remember, waking and sleeping through my life. In the days of sitting in the Thai monastery, I experienced formless form. I watched as everything vanished and I sat into a place of no mind. I could not have called it no-mind at the time. I did not have the language I needed to convey the experiences that I was having. I sat in perfect peace, in an experience of solid space. The identification with a little ‘i’ simply disappeared.
At that time the only ‘ashrams’ I had been aware of, were in the inner planes with Kuthumi and Dwaj Khul. Through that door I explored so many of the eastern traditions. Reading the Gita and falling love with Ramakrishna and feeling blessed by Vivekananda along with Alan Watts and Ramana Maharshi and Father Bede Griffiths and and...
The only longing in my heart was to know God, to deeply experience the mystery of life to know the truth. This was worth living for. The existential question had arisen in me. ‘Who am I’?
Fuelled by childhood curiosity and kept alive by authors of great wisdom teachings, through years of marriage and being fully in the world, suddenly the only world that was of interest was the formless and from there I fell in love with the world.
The drive to go to India came from sitting in meditation in the Findhorn Community, whilst attending a conference called ‘The Power in Service’ and receiving the guidance one morning whilst meditating, that I was to go to India. On arriving there I simply followed my feet.
Finding my way from one meditation centre to another and sinking into the silence. I sat into the question ‘Who am I’ Every day until in a moment of grace, the question and the questioner disappeared.
Love of life and all that it is, drives me to share all that comes through me to share. Mine has been an eclectic journey and from those experiences, existence moves through me in its own unique way.
It is my great joy and pleasure to be of service to this ever-evolving field of consciousness, whilst sitting in the same moment totally still at the core.
"You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul’". Vivekananda.
Over the years I have studied in many disciplines, different types of, bodywork, Kinesiology, somatic release with Stanley Rosenberg, Inner Child healing with John Bradshaw, Enneagram with Claudio Naranjo, Essence and the Enneagram with the Diamond Logos School, etc. etc!
I have been part of many spiritual channelling circles and was blessed with wisdom imparted by Dakeeshewa, fondly known as Grandmother Kitty, before she left the body.
In time I found my way to Pune and the Osho ashram where I participated in Satori, Zen Style, radical inquiry and knew that I was home. A meditation retreat which, I now lead.
Along the way I was inspired to create Facial Harmony, and this full fills many of my loves. It enters the gate of inquiry, releases the somatic stress patterns, unwinds the entangled psychology and allows the client to sink into a place that is known to long time meditators. Bringing you back in touch with the inner space of peace and the deep connections of trust in life.
An hour of facial harmony as a practitioner is simply heart meditation through the integral touch of being."
Tanmayo Lawson
"Revealing who you truly are can be a joyful experience. Releasing yourself from the burdens of conditioning and limiting beliefs, you uncover and actualise the beauty and great potential that already exists within your own heart. "


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